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Don’t wait! Get checked after an auto accident, sports injury or fall today! The longer you wait, the worse conditions can become. Start feeling better today.

Insurance Accepted

Most insurance will cover your healthcare costs, whether it’s after an auto accident, from a fall at work or a sports injury. We work with your insurance to help you find a way to get the chiropractic care you need!

Affordable Pain Relief

Our chiropractic care offers affordable plans to fit all patients in the event that insurance has a limitation to care. We accept most major medical insurances including Medicare.

Health Restoration

Feel relief from pain today! Our chiropractic care has helped thousands of people recover from injuries. Contact us now to begin the healing process

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Relief Care provides initial, temporary alleviation of your symptoms or pain. This typically occurs when inflammation is decreased and joint function restored through a spinal adjustment. Ice, heat or cold laser may also be incorporated during this phase of care. Relief care can be temporary if the underlying cause is not addressed. In many cases there is trauma to the soft tissue which requires healing and strengthening. Faulty muscle patterns consisting of weak or overly tight muscles also need to be addressed for lasting results. These conditions are often due to poor posture, repetitive use or micro-trauma.


Corrective Care takes longer because it addresses the trauma and faulty muscle patterns described above. Some considerations in the length of this treatment are the condition and integrity of the spinal column, the age and physical condition of the patient, the severity of the injury and the duration of the problem. Corrective care often includes rehabilitative exercises and soft tissue therapies in addition to spinal adjustments.


Maintenance Care is the final stage that ensures that the integrity of the spine is being sustained and supported. Because day to day activities put biomechanical strain on our bodies, we must continue to monitor the health and condition of your spine through periodic evaluations. Regular chiropractic adjustments will help insure you are living at your optimum level of health and function.

The benefits of maintenance care are that minor misalignments can be detected before they become symptomatic or well-established. Maintenance chiropractic care allows for improved posture, enhanced function, better athletic performance, reduced injuries and an overall enjoyable pain-free lifestyle. This type of preventative or wellness care can also save time and money by keeping minor problems from becoming more serious.

Auto Accident, Personal Injury, Slips and Falls

We understand the underlying cause of your injury pain and symptoms,
and how to relieve that tension through chiropractic and massage therapy.

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